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Pregnancy is one of the most magical times in a woman’s life. Exceptional obstetrical healthcare is the key to a happy and healthy pregnancy. The specially-trained OB-GYNs at Capital Women’s Care in Montgomery County partner with you through every step of your pregnancy journey, including delivery. The team manages high-risk pregnancies and works hard to honor your birth plan whether it includes vaginal or C-section delivery. Choose the practice dedicated to helping thousands of women in and around Rockville, Maryland, to realize their dream of motherhood. Call or click to schedule an appointment today.

Pregnancy Q&A

What are the early signs of pregnancy?

Before your doctor confirms that you’re expecting with a blood or urine test, you may have some of these early signs of pregnancy:

  • Bloating: some women experience fullness similar to that of PMS
  • Fatigue: body changes and increase in progesterone cause noticeable tiredness
  • Increased urination: as your blood increases, so does the fluid in your kidneys
  • Mood swings: emotional changes caused by the early rise in pregnancy hormones
  • Nausea or vomiting: also called morning sickness, usually occurring within the first month of pregnancy
  • Missed period: often the first sign of pregnancy, especially for women with regular menstrual cycles
  • Swollen, tender breasts: caused by early hormonal changes, usually disappearing after a few weeks

What is prenatal care?

Prenatal care is the ongoing medical care you receive to detect and prevent problems throughout your pregnancy.

During your first visit, your doctor confirms pregnancy with lab tests, performs a pelvic exam to check your uterus and cervix, and assesses your overall health. You’ll discuss important lifestyle habits to encourage a healthy pregnancy: a balanced diet, regular exercise, and supplements such as folic acid.

Your doctor also calculates your baby’s due date and schedules your next visit. At future prenatal appointments, your doctor checks:

  • Your blood pressure
  • Your weight
  • Your abdomen to determine your baby’s growth
  • Your baby’s heart rate

Tests for anemia, gestational diabetes and certain infections occur at different points in your pregnancy. Capital Women’s Care offers on-site ultrasound imaging to see your baby’s development and growth and determine the sex.

What is a birth plan?

A birth plan is a tool to share your wishes for your labor and delivery with your medical providers.

Birth plans typically include details about who you want in the delivery room, what type of pain management you prefer, and how you want to care for the baby. You and your doctor will discuss whether vaginal delivery or a C-section is right for you.

It’s important to note that even with a well-considered birth plan, every parent has to be flexible (especially during high-risk pregnancies). The ultimate goal is to have a healthy, happy baby and your doctor may need to deviate from your birth plan during delivery, if medically necessary.

Parents throughout the Rockville, Maryland area will tell you that Capital Women’s Care offers the highest quality of prenatal pregnancy care available. To make the first best choice for your baby, call or click to schedule an appointment today.